Mrs. Carole Gienapp

I came to Classical Beginnings Tutorial three years ago. I had taught for many years in Classical schools. The tutorial setting seemed a good next step to use some of my experience, skills and continue educating children. I became the Administrative Assistant and I am surrounded by loving and helpful tutors and parents who take this ministry seriously. Working with these parents and tutors is a joy and blessing.

I am a pastor's wife and mother of 8 children, all of whom I have also taught in the classroom at one time or another. My years of work have seen me in K-4th, high school beginning French and various levels of music. I have a BA with a major in Bible, and a Master's in education administration. I am a graduate of Covenant College.

I love the concept of Classical Beginnings and thank the Lord for putting me in this Godly environment. All of us strive to be a blessing to the children God sends, and to this end we pray.