Mrs. Judy Southerland

College major: zoology. On an impulse, the summer between my freshman and sophomore years, I signed up to teach Daily Vacation Bible Schools throughout New England. Good-bye zoology; hello teaching. Along the way I picked up an MA in English, teaching freshman and sophomore composition and literature. Add in high school, home school, pre-school, Sunday School and Wednesday nights at church, and it’s been a lovely journey.

My husband and I have been workers in the African American community ever since we married, decades ago. We cut our teeth in that culture in Alabama’s Deep South, and then spent fourteen years up the road in Rhea County working at Cedine Bible Institute and Summer Camp. I taught crafts there each summer. After the Institute closed, we moved to Chattanooga in 1990, and my challenge and delight these last five years has been teaching the fifth grade at CBT.